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High Company

High Company is a Brazilian brand that emerged in 2012 and has been growing on the national and world stage.

With a striking visual identity and drops full of personality, she is a powerful representation of this style that goes far beyond skateboarding and reaches all areas of urban trends, whether in music, art, or lifestyle.

The connection of the streetwear brands with the skateboarding culture is important to justify the aggressive attitude, which highlights the differences and reinforces the message that, to be in counterpoint with the traditional culture, it is necessary to shock the system.

It is possible to say that skateboarding is more than just a sport, it is, in fact, a lifestyle.

That is why the fashion that surrounds the streets is so striking in this context.

Every skateboarder has his own ritual to dress up. Whether just for a walk or to participate in competitions, the idea is to be dressed according to your essence.

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